Ethnobotany of Mountain Regions


Dr. Rainer W. Bussmann

Dr. Narel Y. Paniagua Zambrana

The book series "Ethnobotany of Mountain Regions" (online and print) will be arranged in volumes and each will cover one large mountain region (Andes, North-and Central America, Far Eastern Europe (Northern Caucasus, Ural, Turkey), Central Asia (Tien Shan, Altai), Himalayas, Australia, and Africa. The content will focus on human plant use in the different mountain systems.

The content will be organized according to Global Mountain Macroregions. Each Mountain Region will be divided into sections covering countries (or groups of countries), based on plant diversity and not necessarily political or national boundaries. Each volume covering a Mountain Macroregion should be approximately 550 pages, with an overall length for the printed volumes of ~4,000 pages.

Each Mountain Region will be divided into sections covering countries or groups of countries Therefore, Mountain Region section would have: An introduction to the region (10,000 words), and section introductions (4,000-6,000 words); plant monographs (maximum 150 monographs per Mountain Region) with each monograph having a length of ~ 1,500 words (with references), plus 2-4 photographs. Thus, within a Volume (covering one Mountain Region) each country section would be of differing lengths: from 25 to 100 pages depending on the information available). In addition, there will be Macroregional plant monographs not linked to specific countries.